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Fully automated manifold design

No more design backlogs

QuickManifolds® is a fully automated manifold
design platform, powered by
VEST patented AutoRoutertechnology*.
This is a cloud based platform that
enables progressive organizations to deliver
manifold designs at a cost that is significantly
lower than standard design processes.

* US Patent No 7558713

A customized web interface
branded to your organization standards,
allows your distributors and customers
to help themselves to manifolds designs, 3D models, and
manufacturing drawings within minutes,
before placing an order.



Your Company Standards

QuickManifolds has a library of standard material,
tooling, and cavity data, which is used by the
AutoRouter engine to design manifolds


The library is configurable to your company standards


QuickManifolds handles both metric and imperial data
and has multi-standard support for global organizations

Design Defaults: Units, minimum wall thickness, maximum slenderness ratio, minimum clearance between components,

cross drill port standards


Standard Ports and Valve Patterns


Manufacturing Defaults: Drill sizes, material cross sections, manufacturing constraints



Your Specifications

Component Cavity and Connectivity
details auto extracted from:
Hydraulic Circuit drawn with

HyDraw® Circuit Design Software

MDTools®-QuickManifolds Interface

Design constraints:

Valve and port location constraints

Port flow values


** Free evaluation version of HyDraw circuit design software
available at VESTusa.com



...in minutes not days

3D manifold design ( .ipt format)
Can be opened and viewed in Autodesk® Inventor®



3D STEP solid model of the manifolds ( .stp format)
Can be imported into most CAD platforms


CAM Chart containing machining and port engraving details
(Microsoft Excel .xlsx format)

3D manifold design ( .mbxml format)
Can be opened and viewed by VEST Manifold Viewer and with
MDTools® in Inventor® and SolidWorks®


2D manufacturing drawings, including bore chart
(AutoCAD .dwg & Adobe Acrobat .pdf format)


Design Report (Adobe Acrobat .pdf format)
Documents the input constraints and design check report


- The 3D manifold design can be edited/refined using VEST MDTools manifold design software

- QuickManifolds designs in Metric or Imperial units



Circuit > Manifold



QuickManifolds interface available within
HyDraw® circuit design software


Submit your circuit to QuickManifolds
directly from HyDraw

QuickManifolds used for small run mobile manifolds to quickly produce a workable design configuration which can be further refined using MDTools®

MDTools used in a manual semi-automated process for
industrial manifolds and large run production manifolds



QuickManifolds is capable of designing manifolds
with screw-in cartridges and surface mounted valves,
Other valve types are presently not covered

For large circuits, consider using
VEST MDTools manifold design software

Circuits containing up to 12 cartridges

Circuits containing 1 surface mounted valve
and up to 8 screw-in cartridges

Circuits containing 2 surface mounted valves
and up to 5 screw-in cartridges


Minimum Requirements

High-speed internet connection
License of HyDraw circuit design software
or License of MDTools manifold design software


To evaluate QuickManifolds,
Use a Free evaluation version of HyDraw

Enhance your ability to design and deliver
hydraulic manifolds on-time and competitively

Implement QuickManifolds technology
and get a competitive edge  >>
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