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MDTools manifold design software

MDTools® manifold design software
can be used to edit/refine a
QuickManifolds designed manifold.


MDTools® the 3D manifold design software provides
power tools to automate the manifold design, checking, documentation, and modeling process within the Autodesk® Inventor®/SolidWorks® environment.


Design large and complex manifolds easily, fast and error-free. MDTools checks the manifold for wall-thickness, wrong, missing and bad quality connections.


MDTools automatically creates a professional drawing for you including dimensions, cavity machining IDs, bore charts with meet list, plug and stamp tables and more.


The 3D manifold assembly is created semi-automatically and the components stay associated with the cavities.

Learn more:

 link  MDTools for Autodesk Inventor

 link  MDTools for SolidWorks


manifold design with MDTools


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